Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nerds Make Things to Nerd-Out About

I know I'm late, but I decided to jump on the 'Lost' boat only after Hulu began streaming all of the episodes. I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised. The show looked like one long soap opera to me from sporadic episode viewings, which is why I never jumped this bandwagon. It's turned out to be a smart science fiction piece.Once you get past the rather annoying Kate-Jack relationship, the elements are suspenseful and intelligent experiments in psychology, prejudice, and other themes common in my beloved genre.
Season 2 is as far as I've gotten so far, but I've noticed that a lot of the sassy nicknames Sawyer gives the other characters are Star Wars references. Some of the dialogue is directly lifted from the trilogy, also.I found that the Lostpedia article is a bit of a stretch: the shared themes and character archetypes Lucas lifted from mythological pieces that have been around since mankind started. However, the trivial star wars references is another fun thing to look for in this, and J.J. Abrams' other works.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day in my Life...

Someone took video taped a day in my life, and put it to Ke$ha!:
Also, if you want to watch Storm Troopers dance to KPop, visit here.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"She Wanted It"

Look, Gentlemen. I don't want to talk about the Silk Spectre's rape with you anymore.
Can you empathize? Sure! However, if I tell you I don't want to have the conversation, I don't want to have the conversation. I KNOW what you're going to say- she wanted it. Yeah, okay, glad you think that. Conversation ended.
The fact that I've had this point brought up to me more than once is not something I care to address. The fact that I've asked the speakers to stop, while instead they got louder and repeated their points makes me sad. Can you respect my wishes at all? So are you trying to rape me with your opinion that she wasn't raped? Because that's what it feels like.
So, since I've heard your arguments on several occasions, here's mine:
Unless you are a woman, or have been assaulted, (my heart goes out to you, either way) you don't know jack-shit about the feelings involved in a situation like this. JACK SHIT.
Her wanting it:
Giving into having sex with someone- being "convinced" by circumstances, guilt, and feelings of disappointment is a form of rape. Conceding it like it's an asset, not something to be enjoyed by everyone involved, is painful, and will affect the act. Some women like this kind of beginning, but no matter how good the resulting sex is, sometimes the way it was initiated will never be okay with the women involved.
And her opinion on this is never addressed in the film or the comic. Because, Alan Moore hates women. And HUMANITY.
The Old Boy's Club:
Okay, so you like the Comedian. I do, too. He's the most complicated and relatable character in the series. His nihilistic views on life are the philosophy I most find myself agreeing with. Plus, I'll bet he'd be super fun at a party, assuming he didn't beat the crap out of and rape anyone.
That being said, the loud, fun guy at the party is the one that date-rapes the freshmen. I'm not saying it's always the case, but usually it's the one with the most confidence. He's fun, he's flirty- so flirty it's hard not to flirt with him, and then he thinks you're saying yes to something he never asked about.
The RAPE thing:
Don't get me wrong- Rape is RAPE. However.
Our emotions about sex, the situations we're in, who the perpetrator is- these are all elements that vary rape scenarios drastically. Our pride, those connected to us, and our daily lives all change how we deal with sexual assault of any kind. Being assaulted does not mean that we'll never talk to, or even not have sex with, the person responsible afterwards. We are expected to function fully, as equals with, or above (as the feminazis inform us), the boys, who have everything going for them. All the while being under the threat that anyone, at any time, will try to have sex with us. Jokes in the workplace, pick up lines at bars, even our closest friends' attentions are always a threat.
I realize men go through this, too, but there's no way you can argue it's to the same extent. That being said,
I do think that men being raped can be worse then when a woman is raped. Can be. That is a different conversation entirely. I will say that, as a woman, I have at least resigned myself to the likelihood that I will be assaulted again in my, assumedly, long life. Men never have to assume it will happen, even though that is so much more traumatic later on.
And Guys:
Stop starting sentences with,
"I'm not for women being raped."
Even the phrasing is offensive. You're not "for" it? What, you're not "against" it, either? You should be using a negative there.
Beginning what you think is a conversation with this makes me want to spit on your stupid, flaccid shoes. (Deuteronomy 25:9-10)
In fact, if you're pro-rape, I'd prefer you just tell me up front, because the opposite is too obvious to be stated. I know you're against rape, dumbass, because it's wrong, and I like to assume guys I give the time of day aren't mentally depraved. Momma always told me it's wrong to assume, though, so we'll see.
She Wanted It (Part 2):
Just because you're a strong woman does not mean you want to be held down and fucked like a slut. Sure, some women are into this, but it's just not a safe thing to assume.
This argument goes back to the things feminists have been fighting against for decades: she's flirty, she dressed less-than-modestly, she enjoys being thought of in a sexual way, she loves putting bad, bad men in their place- Well, gosh, boys, SHE MUST BE ASKING FOR IT. What is it about Alan Moore that makes people think it's okay to act like we're still in the 1940s. JUST BECAUSE YOU'VE GOT CHEST HAIR DOES NOT MEAN THE DAME'S INTERESTED.
Also, remember how she was in that media relationship with Hooded Justice? Do you also remember how he was probably bangin Captain Metropolis? Check out the wikipedia page, or your copy for reference.
Okay, so, the Minutemen and the Media thinks she's a nice piece of cheesecake, but beyond that don't give a hoot, and man she's probably in love with is gay. Who does that leave? The guy that wanted her when no one else did.
Given time, I think it's obvious she gave into the pressure to be a sex object for somebody: by having the sex she wasn't gettin anywhere else.
And DON'T GET ME STARTED on the fact that a man had to come and save her. Oh, Alan Moore. Up yours.
I'm a Ball-Hatin Lesbian:
I had a creative writing professor that once told me off in front of the entire class for my response to a Byron poem. He said,
"Miss [Y], put aside your hate for men."
This is a phrase I have to repeat to myself on an almost daily basis. At my basest, I think I really do hate men. They just make it so easy.
On the other hand: When I go through yet another shitty break-up, you know who's on the phone at 2 AM listening to all of my bullshit, and responding with, "Yeah, we'll pull his teeth out with a pliers!"? Some guy I have in my life. You know who's willing to hang out with me when I have a bad day, and support me by listening to my 2 hour rant on how exciting Edo period screen prints are? One of my guys.
In conclusion:
You've got your opinions, I've got mine. These are things that will, in all likelihood, not change. You don't have to start shouting. I don't think you're necessarily a rapist just because you think that Alan Moore's Walking-Masochism-Cliche of a lady wanted to be rough-housed. You've got nothing to prove. So just get over yourself and drop it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Beyond IG Storylines...

With my mounting excitement for Lionhead's upcoming release Fable 3, comes an unending hunger for RPGs. Currently, I've been on a Fallout 3 kick, as I've played Fable 2 mores times than I care to admit (... 3 or 4).
It had never occurred to me that people would want to Roleplay further with games as open-ended and expansive as Fallout 3 and the Fable Series. Apparently, however, this trend not only exists, but, if the posts are accurate, is fairly popular.
Help sites and chatrooms are full of threads posted by people that want to know what your characted looks like in game, what places they frequent, and what their backstory is. Especially with Fallout 3, people have dropped the backstory and decided to come up with their own, expanding it as they travel the wastes.
I was looking through chatrooms and forums for how to get the character Clover as a companion, and read some pretty hilarious posts.
This is the initial post:
i was like Ranger of the Wastes or something after Megaton. pretty darn good.. no innocent kills. my character is a female and i was excited to finally NOT stare at a males back throughout a game... that is until i saw the animations. W. T. F.! haven't seen animations that bad since the Genesis. that blew any chance of having my character in 3rd person.
so i wanted someone to put this sexy Raider armor on. hear about Clover and 1st i'm told i don't have to be evil, just gotta do a couple evil things to get her. nope gotta be evil to even get the dialog options from Jones. so go kill a few Megaton settlers and Clover's mine. now i feel guilty and the animations still suck on her lol. so thinking of skipping her and getting Charon and Dog, then later maybe Fawkes depending on if i can bring myself to "fire" Dog.

Is Clover that good of a follower?"

This one's my favorite, and the reason I began thinking about this trend:

I would say it is worth it, and then grab dogmeat too. Make both of them stay home, so you can come home to your wife and dog, its what I do :)"

The posts are from this forum, btw.
If you are interested in doing Fallout 3 RPG, check out my post on extending your Fallout experience.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Facebook Update!

Well, I'm in the state of Delirious Flu-dom, so here's what's going on on my facebook! (Spoiler Alert)
Also, here's a link to that blog post. And 'Fan' Fallout on Facebook to get awesome updates!

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